Wedding Pre-planning
Wedding Pre-planning
Ceremony and Flowers
Reception Decor and Essentials
Banquet and Reception Food Service
The Wedding Cake
The absolute first task is to book your venues! There are many things to consider but we can walk through every step together until we find the perfect balance between dream location and budget.
Graduations and Banquets
Invitations: Custom designed to tailor fit your special day.
30 Invitations - $ 75
50 Invitations - $100
100 Invitations - $125
They say, "A picture is worth a thousand words", and nothing could be truer on your wedding day. This day you will make memories that last a lifetime so don't trust those moments to Aunt Meg, the "snapshot ninja". This is one day when professionalism matters.
Let's schedule your professional photographer immediately.
Who will announce your special moments? Cutting the cake? First dance? We work with affordable, professional entertainers and DJ's but they do book quickly. Let's get your date booked right away.
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